Parting the Red Sea (Look away if you’re a man, unless you’re curious/into this womanly business)

After seeing videos and posts about how tampons and pads are not healthy for women because of the chemical used in them, I decided I wanted to go an alternative route when dealing with the dreaded red sea and being Moses for these next 5-7 days. The first alternative that I am trying, and currently using, is the Athena Menstrual Cup. It’s less than $20 bucks on Amazon and it had very good reviews for it. I figured, “why not, it wouldn’t hurt to try.” Here’s a brief rundown of my first experience dealing with the cup.

I knew that I was starting my period some time this week, but wasn’t sure of the day because my period has ben acting a little weird lately. Of course while I was doing Insanity pure cardio this morning, I was cramping something crazy and knew it was that time. Luckily, I had the cup and decided I would give it a go. First off, the cup was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. Now a word of advice when using this cup, make sure when you insert and remove the cup that you are in your own bathroom. This will not work in pubic so well, especially the cleaning part.

I felt like I was using a tampon for the first time. I cannot tell you how many attempts I tried to make inserting this cup. I read the instructions, and I even watched a Youtube video. I could not get it to go in properly. You’re supposed to pinch the cup at the top and fold in half to make a “U” shape. What they don’t tell you and what I found out myself is that you need to have the “U” turned upside down so that you can insert it easier. Once the cup is in, it’s really in there.

I did have a super freak out moment. The stem on the cup is very small and I thought it would act just like a tampon and hang outside of the opening of your vagina. WRONG!!! Your vagina swallows that shit whole. The best way I can describe it for my fellow geeks out there is when on Attack on Titan when Eren was swallowed by the titan. That’s exactly what happened with this cup. I thought I lost the cup inside forever and had a hard time getting it back out to make sure that I could later once I began to flow more. I literally got on my bathroom floor to try and pry this cup out. I remember reading a review from Amazon about the cup and how the woman had to have her boyfriend help her get the cup out of her vagina. Not today Satan.

The best way to remove the cup is you have to hover/sit on a toilet and use those vaginal muscles and push that sucker out. The clean up wasn’t too bad. Just dump the blood in the toilet and use toilet paper to clean the outside. You will have to multitask of course. For clean up, it says not to use scented soaps since they can cause damage to the silicon. I actually used my cleaner I use for my sex toys to clean the cup (don’t act like you don’t have at least one toy on hand). It worked just fine for cleanup. I am happy to say that the 2nd time of inserting the cup was so much easier. Let’s just see how it holds up at night.


P.S.-I do plan on trying those Thinx panties and will write about that experience when the time comes. 20160712_073550




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