It’s Called Google, Use it.

This year, I would say, has been a complete shit show. The last few weeks have been a shit show. Today, I actually did something that I usually don’t do on social media, educate someone. When I see someone make a post on another person’s page and it causes me to think “what the hell?,”I really want to make a comment. I back down though because I don’t feel like getting into a heated debate. Today was a different story. Better yet, it started from yesterday.

To make a long story short, a video of black protesters (thought to be Black Lives Matter protesters, but who really knows) were blocking people from walking on a sidewalk. The comment that was made went along the lives of “why are you more important than other?” I then explained what Black Lives Matter is supposed to represent and how there are racial inequalities in this country. I also had to explain that Black Lives Matter is not saying that everyone else’s lives don’t matter, but that ours matter too. I was being respectful and just educated them on what’s going on that they may not see because of their privilege.

Today, she had a friend post something that is getting extremely played out now “All Lives Matter.” Here is what I said in response to her friend’s post:



I just checked my Facebook and it looks like I have been blocked by this woman who I used to work with. The funny thing is, not too long ago, I wrote a post of how I feared for my life living in this country after the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This very same person wrote on my status expressing that she was sorry that I had to go through this. At first, I thought she got it. Apparently not if you decide to block me instead of engaging me in a peaceful conversation. We will have disagreements, but I will still respect your stances and you as a person. Now if you get really ignorant and off the wall with me, I’ll cut your ass off real quick and not shed a tear about it.

Saying “All Lives Matter” us very problematic and it takes away from the underlying issue of why the “Black Lives Matter” movement exists. This is how dumb you sound when you say it: 13724838_1116136428446399_7714996147867833051_o

Oh, you’re exhausted from hearing “Black Lives Matter” every time something big like oh the unarmed killing of black people or racial injustice that affects our community? News flash, we are fucking exhausted with having to go through this shit every day of our lives. Not too long ago, we were fighting the same exact fight 50+ years ago. That is not that long. All we are missing now is getting hosed by police officers. When you have these idiot reporters and politicians trying to condemn “Black Lives Matter” and trying to call them a hate group, it’s a problem. Someone went as far to say that BLM was the new KKK. Are you fucking kidding me? When have you seen black people go lynch a white person for the hell of it? When have you seen a white person get their ass whooped by black people to the point of death for whistling at a black woman? When have you seen a black person put a burning cross in someone’s front yard and then try to pass themselves as a Christian organization.

How about you wake the fuck up and stop listening to the bullshit that you are seeing on the news. The news fabricates things in their favor and they could give two shits about the people that they hurt when they say spiteful things about individuals they know nothing about. You have these assholes at the RNC who are congratulating the officers for not being charged in the death of Freddie Grey. Where the fuck is “All Lives Matter” people with that one? Hell, we just got told that we basically didn’t contribute shit to this country. Oh, so we forgot that we invented peanut butter, all your hair products, even those traffic lights that keep your dumb asses safe on the roads. I am really getting sick and tired of this fucking country right now and I will gladly take my ass back to Africa…as soon as I figure out which country I’m from and have the means to do so.

I am also really sick and tired of fuckers who know nothing about what it means to be black in America are trying to tell us how we need to act? If you cannot relate to what we go through on a daily basis, please have several fucking seats. We are exhausted from having to constantly tell your ass what the deal is and yet, some of you refuse to listen. On top of that, now another unarmed black man was just shot and thankfully, he isn’t dead. The justification for him being shot was complete bullshit. I’m really over this shit right now. Seriously, how about you stop watching the damn news, and look up things for yourself. Some of ya’ll are treating it like its a church sermon and are just eating it up and not even questioning it. You do know that there is something called Google, right? How about you use it and educate yourself, cause we are really tired of doing it for you. I hate when people talk about issues that they know nothing about, but get mad when you call them out on it.

Ok, I’m done with my rant. I’m going back to watching the first season of Gotham. (Yes I know that I am way behind and I am ashamed of myself.)

PS-Apologies for the excessive use of language…actually fuck that, no I’m not. This is how I feel and there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, be respectful if you make a comment. If this does not apply to you, then you have no worries. However, if you do happen to say something off the wall, that tells a lot about who you are and what you stand for.

Ok, I’m really done this time.


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