Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Today, I got to check out Suicide Squad. For free at that. Thanks T-Mobile. I admit I was very excited to see this movie. I read the comics and was throughly entertained. Then, the reviews came pouring in saying it was really bad. Now from a critics standpoint, they were not impressed. Also, I’m not sure any of them have actually heard about this group of unknowns or have even read the comics. Now a couple of months ago when fans saw an early screening of said it was very good. For me, I like to see things for myself instead of going off other people’s opinions. What they hate, I may actually enjoy. However, after seeing the movie, I give it a C. Here’s why.

Now for action, the movie had a lot of great action. It had some entertaining parts to it that kept you interested. However, action can only do so much. When there isn’t a lot of character development and the plot is a bit lacking, expect an ok film and not a great film. I had high hopes for David Ayer because one, he wrote Training Day, which was a great movie in my opinion and had one of the greatest movie quotes. He did have a lot riding on him with this movie after BvS flopped. Side note, the ultimate version of BvS was so much better. Anyways, a lot was on the line.

One main thing I noticed about this film was that it was trying so hard to mimic the epic success of Guardians of the Galaxy. What worked for Guardians was their choice in music. In Suicide Squad, the music choices seemed all over the place. (I do admit, Purple Lamborghini is quite catchy.) When you are working with material that no one has ever heard with unknown characters, that can get tricky translating to the screen. The characters were interesting, but more development of who they are was needed. The film definitely showcased Harley Quinn a lot. Margot Robbie did have some of Harley’s traits at times, but most of it was her take on the character. I’m still trying to figure out of I liked her take of Harley or not. I did appreciate a certain scene in the movie with Harley and Joker were together and they recreated a well known picture of the two that I’m sure some of you have seen. If you were to Google Harley Quinn and Joker, it would be one of the first pictures. 

Speaking of Joker, Jared Leto’s take was…interesting. He played off more like a drug lord and he didn’t have much screen time for me to really judge his take on the Clown Prince of Crime. He was mostly in flashbacks from Harley’s brief back story and a couple of times in the present. Will Smith didn’t come off as a bad guy to me. He was borderline almost crossing over into his Mike Lowery persona. Jay Hernandez was on point with El Diablo. Killer Croc was pretty much a stereotypical black man, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang seemed very natural, especially since he is actually Australian. Katana wasn’t bad, Enchantress was quite interesting, and Slipknot was a waste of screen time. I feel really bad for Adam Beach, but his character was pointless. Then again, that whole situation reminded me of one of the beginning scenes from Batman: Assault on Arkham and a point had to be made. Viola Davis absolutely killed it as the ruthless, won’t take your shit Amanda Waller. Nobody else could have played that role any better.

As I said, the movie had some things going for it, but improvements need to be made to make it more successful. Also, they should have made the movie longer. That way, more could have been added to give it a more solid plot line. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. This is just merely my own opinion. There are others who would probably disagree with me and rate it an A movie. I feel the studio should watch all of the DC animated features and take notes on how almost every single one is always successful. They use the time given and focus on the important parts and don’t over do things for the sake of trying to make it look good, i.e. the psychedelic filtering at the beginning of the movie. DC live action films still need some work and hopefully next summer we will see major blockbusters. At least they did tie in this movie into the next upcoming feature. I also feel they played it safe with this movie. The comic itself is actually more violent. Go big or go home. Rated R is in now. Use it to your advantage. 

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Leave comments and let me know what you thought of you have seen the movie.


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