Oh America…

​It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, since I’m an occasional blogger, but I’m going to put my two cents in about this whole Kaepernick business. We can agree to disagree, but be respectful. Just watched a disturbing video of an innocent black man being unjustly beat and charged for something he didn’t do. Here’s the link for you to see, http://www.mintpressnews.com/dashcam-video-shows-police-lied-to-get-innocent-man-convicted-officers-now-facing-prison-time/211054/ I think this is a year or two old, but this is that BS of why Kaepernick is protesting the anthem. This man almost lost 5 years of his life, or worse, he could have been unjustly killed. We aren’t making this shit up about police brutality and how some of the “officers” who swore to protect and serve are abusing their power and making us fearful to engage with them. Yes, all police aren’t bad, but when you have way too many bad ones that we keep seeing popping up and that get away with things like it’s nothing, it’s a problem. You can’t tell me Freddie Grey broke his own spine in police custody and then all 6 officers got off like it was nothing. You also can’t tell me police had to kill the unarmed person of color because they were “resisting arrest” or they felt “threatened,” but yet have no deesculating a situation with a white person who actually does resist arrest or has a gun pointed at them. They seem to always get to live to see another day.

Also, do not bring up, “oh what about black on black crime.” One, we do protest black on black crime, you just don’t see or hear about it in the media. Secondly, what about white on white crime? Can white prople do no wromg? Apparently not. Hell, we here more about serial killers who are white than anything else. What about that? The police brutality and black on black crime don’t correlate because one group swore to protect and serve everyone and one group didn’t. Not sure why people think we made this up over night. Police brutality has been happening for years, but I guess some people forget that in our history because it didn’t directly affect that, *cough* civil rights era. Not to mention, did you forget about Rodney King and how he was beat by several officers and was taped by a dash cam and all the officers got off, which sparked the LA riots? Also the whole white people get killed more than blacks is true, but not true. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in another post, but blacks make up about 13% of the population while white people make up a significantly larger percentage. When you put the number of people by racial group killed by police, black people are killed at a rate of 40%, which is wsy higher than what we make up in this country. See how thats a problem? Seriously, this whole conversation is getting old and tired and it’s pretty fucked up that we have to continue to have this conversation about how not everyone gets treated equal in this country. 

Now to this whole national anthem business with Kaepernick. Actually, let’s take a step back to the Olympics. Mofos, particularly butt hurt white people, we’re furious when Gabby Douglass didn’t put her hand over her heart and they dragged her. One, I never put my hand over my heart for the anthem. I only did that for the pledge of allegiance when I was in elementary school. Secondly, why is it that she was getting dragged for it, but nobody was up in arms when Mr. Oompa Loompa himself didn’t put his hand over his heart during the Republican debate. Guess it must be nice being a straight, white man in America right. This same Oompa Loompa called America not being great and people cheered. Yet when Kaepernick says it and uses his platform, everyone lost his shit and he was even getting called “nigger.” Thanks America for showing your true fucking colors.

This whole, “oh he doesn’t have respect for the military.” First off, please have several seats. That “flag” that is supposed to represent freedom and equality is a bunch of BS. Once again the Oompa Loompa is being used as an example, but he can sit there and say ban all Muslims from this country, what about the ones who are actually in the military protecting this country? The military is fighting for our rights to be able to protect like Kaepernick did because it’s our first amendment right to do so. I guess you can only use your right to protest or even bare arms, which is our second amendment right, if you’re a straight, white man. Let’s face it, when a person of color acts on their rights, it’s a fucking problem and we just can’t seem to win.

Back to the military. I have the upmost respect for the military and I’m sure Kaepernick does too. I have family who served in the military and I love them to pieces, but why try to justify the symbol of the flag for a group of people who this country doesn’t even support when they come home from defending it? Now some people from the military are able to adjust back into society just fine, but it’s those that are disabled seem to be left out. I’ll say it again, the military fought for Kaepernick and anyone else who protests the anthem right to do so. They aren’t breaking any laws. They didn’t deface the flag or kill anyone, they just sat down. When this country cuts military benefits for vets, turns them away from VA hospitals, makes you wonder why we have a high rate among suicide for veterans and even homelessness. How about instead of you being a fucking Internet troll, you go out and actually do something for a vet. What I like about my job, we actually do small random acts of kindness for vets if we can, thanks to my friend who put this together. This whole thing also inspired me to go do massages for veterans once I finish school and get my license to help them have a better quality of life. 

It’s almost like why would I want to be proud of a country that is still trying to oppress people who look like me? Yes, I could be much worse off, but still. When I have to go around life with a huge target on my back, that’s a big problem. I have to go out of my way to still make people feel comfortable and break stereotypes. It’s exhausting having to constantly explain racial equality and double standards of this country. It’s exhausting for me to write all of this. Sorry, not sorry but this blog post was not made to make you feel comfortable. I think I’ve written enough. Going back to bed.


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