Wonder Woman: The Hero We Deserved


Credits start to roll. People leaving in large groups from the theater. I’m still sitting there waiting to see if there are any extra scenes (there isn’t so don’t bother sitting and waiting). I overhear a man telling someone how impressed he was with the film and that he even wanted to be Wonder Woman. Let me repeat, a grown ass man said HE WANTED TO BE WONDER WOMAN!!!! That’s how great this movie was. The visuals were spectacular. Nothing was forced, the comedic bits were natural, the plot had meaning to it. The actors were bad to look at either. I highly recommend going to see this movie, even if you aren’t into superhero movies, this may change your mind.

This movie couldn’t have come at a perfect time. A time where women are told they can’t do this or that or we can’t make our OWN choices when it comes to our bodies. Where society in general tells us that we need to get married and have kids and not focus on our careers. (For the record I do not want kids, I like them, but I don’t want them. Who knows about marriage). What this movie did was show misogynistic pieces of shit that women are capable of directing a movie that cost Warner Bros. millions of dollars with a director, who is a woman and only directed one film prior to this Monster, and absolutely killed it. Take that Hollywood Reporter. It amazes me, (not really), that women still will get criticized and are expected to fail without being given a chance, but men can continue to put out shitty movies and still have a job. (I’m looking at you BvS the theatrical edition, extended version saved your ass in my book). Congratulations Warner Bros. and DCEU, a woman just kicked ass and helped your image a bit.

Another thing that stood out to me after the movie with the guy who wanted to be Wonder Woman is that he pointed to me and told me that I could be Wonder Woman. You know what, he is right. I can be Wonder Woman. Who says I can’t (super, racist ass nerds could, but they can kiss my ass). Hell we all are wonder women in our own right. I’m sure we all have done amazing things, whether we know it or not. Having this story told and directed by a woman was huge because the story was able to thrive without having some kind of bullshit agenda that would have taken away Wonder Woman being first and foremost, a woman. This movie shows that audiences are fine with having a female lead despite what critics and everyone else will tell you. More of our stories should be told, whether they are superheroes, friendships, whatever it may be. We definitely need to have more well known female directors taking on these big budget movies. Ava DuVernay is taking on A Wrinkle in Time and that is taking a lot of money to make. She is also the first black female director to direct a film of this magnitude.Why is it that Kathryn Bigelow is the ONLY woman to have won an Academy Award. We need more of these directors, more Issa Raes telling real stories of friendships that people can relate to. Seeing more Niobes and seeing their struggle of staying true to themselves in a world that is not truly excepting of them (Niobe is one of the main characters who happens to be a black, half elf female in the Stranger Comics universe. Created by Amandla Stenberg and Sebastian Jones, check it out).

Wonder Woman means a lot to everyone in their own way. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t compromise those beliefs. We all have had to overcome our own battles, some have conquered, others are still in the trenches overcoming their obstacle. This year itself has been a challenge as we see that bigots are trying to take away our rights and our right to make our own choices. I’ve even overcome my own personal battle recently and have finally accepted that I am apart of the three most hated groups in this country, being black, a woman, and part of the LGBTQ community. I am standing up for what I believe and will live my life to the fullest and won’t let anyone stop that. Neither should you. We all have our own stories to tell and as women, we deserve to have our stories told in our way. Be who you are and don’t let ANYONE stand in your way for what you believe in. Wonder Woman is all that and so much more and she truly is the hero we deserved.


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