Wonder Woman: The Hero We Deserved


Credits start to roll. People leaving in large groups from the theater. I’m still sitting there waiting to see if there are any extra scenes (there isn’t so don’t bother sitting and waiting). I overhear a man telling someone how impressed he was with the film and that he even wanted to be Wonder Woman. Let me repeat, a grown ass man said HE WANTED TO BE WONDER WOMAN!!!! That’s how great this movie was. The visuals were spectacular. Nothing was forced, the comedic bits were natural, the plot had meaning to it. The actors were bad to look at either. I highly recommend going to see this movie, even if you aren’t into superhero movies, this may change your mind.

This movie couldn’t have come at a perfect time. A time where women are told they can’t do this or that or we can’t make our OWN choices when it comes to our bodies. Where society in general tells us that we need to get married and have kids and not focus on our careers. (For the record I do not want kids, I like them, but I don’t want them. Who knows about marriage). What this movie did was show misogynistic pieces of shit that women are capable of directing a movie that cost Warner Bros. millions of dollars with a director, who is a woman and only directed one film prior to this Monster, and absolutely killed it. Take that Hollywood Reporter. It amazes me, (not really), that women still will get criticized and are expected to fail without being given a chance, but men can continue to put out shitty movies and still have a job. (I’m looking at you BvS the theatrical edition, extended version saved your ass in my book). Congratulations Warner Bros. and DCEU, a woman just kicked ass and helped your image a bit.

Another thing that stood out to me after the movie with the guy who wanted to be Wonder Woman is that he pointed to me and told me that I could be Wonder Woman. You know what, he is right. I can be Wonder Woman. Who says I can’t (super, racist ass nerds could, but they can kiss my ass). Hell we all are wonder women in our own right. I’m sure we all have done amazing things, whether we know it or not. Having this story told and directed by a woman was huge because the story was able to thrive without having some kind of bullshit agenda that would have taken away Wonder Woman being first and foremost, a woman. This movie shows that audiences are fine with having a female lead despite what critics and everyone else will tell you. More of our stories should be told, whether they are superheroes, friendships, whatever it may be. We definitely need to have more well known female directors taking on these big budget movies. Ava DuVernay is taking on A Wrinkle in Time and that is taking a lot of money to make. She is also the first black female director to direct a film of this magnitude.Why is it that Kathryn Bigelow is the ONLY woman to have won an Academy Award. We need more of these directors, more Issa Raes telling real stories of friendships that people can relate to. Seeing more Niobes and seeing their struggle of staying true to themselves in a world that is not truly excepting of them (Niobe is one of the main characters who happens to be a black, half elf female in the Stranger Comics universe. Created by Amandla Stenberg and Sebastian Jones, check it out).

Wonder Woman means a lot to everyone in their own way. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t compromise those beliefs. We all have had to overcome our own battles, some have conquered, others are still in the trenches overcoming their obstacle. This year itself has been a challenge as we see that bigots are trying to take away our rights and our right to make our own choices. I’ve even overcome my own personal battle recently and have finally accepted that I am apart of the three most hated groups in this country, being black, a woman, and part of the LGBTQ community. I am standing up for what I believe and will live my life to the fullest and won’t let anyone stop that. Neither should you. We all have our own stories to tell and as women, we deserve to have our stories told in our way. Be who you are and don’t let ANYONE stand in your way for what you believe in. Wonder Woman is all that and so much more and she truly is the hero we deserved.


Review: insecure


Thank the lord for my parents. You’re the real MVP for letting me use HBO. Please, just don’t cancel your subscription or I’ll be very sad. Since I have access to HBO, I was able to catch an exclusive early preview of Issa Rae’s new show insecure. I will say that I am very pleased at what I saw and I look forward to seeing what more is to come for this show. insecure hits home because of some of the points that were brought up, being the token black person, having a friend that is a great support system, and the relationship that is going nowhere and how to navigate through relationships.

Without giving too much away, Issa’s character, also named after herself, works for a non-profit group where let’s just say, doesn’t have an inclusive staff that fits the environment that they are trying to “save.” Therefore making her the token black person and the “ambassador” of all things black. Now, I’m sure any black person at one point in time was the token and ambassador. We should add that to our resumes. Also, I want to point out, even though I didn’t mention this earlier, that kids these days are so evil. In the opening scene, I wanted to snatch up every kid that had something negative to say. That really made me upset how they were talking to her.

Anyways, back to my main points I mentioned. Relationships will be a big key factor of this show. Issa’s friend Molly made great points about being a black woman and having successful relationships, or lack there of in her case. Molly made the case that there are several factors that are against her for not having a successful relationship. “If I call or text a lot, I’m needy. If I don’t call or text enough, I get “oh I wasn’t sure if you were feeling me.” If I have sex with you, you aren’t interested. If I don’t have sex with you, you aren’t interested.” These are only a few of the points. Then of course there’s the “your standards are too low.” Issa’s character explained to her sorry excuse for a boyfriend in a sly remark that maybe she set her standards too low when he tried to call out her friend Molly. This really struck a cord with me because being a black woman, it is hard for us to navigate the dating scene.

We are constantly told that we are too bitter, aren’t submissive enough, have too high of standards, too ghetto, too this that and the other. Why is it that although we black women make up the largest percentage of the most educated, but we get shunned when we want someone who is close to our level? Not even talking about someone who makes six figures. There are guys out there who have their own businesses without a degree. We want a guy who basically has their shit together. That’s not even a high standard. You have a stable job with stable income, you have your own car that you are able to maintain, your own place, you aren’t bad mouthing women, you understand the struggle of oppressed people and aren’t so dismissive, etc. I can keep going on. Oh and having no kids would be one, my list anyways. I tried that before and won’t be doing that again.

It is becoming far too common today that men are so quick to talk bad about us, going as far as calling us “thots.” Fucking stupid word in my opinion. Some guys today love to bad mouth women, yet these are the same guys who don’t have their shit together and are basically fuckboys. Doesn’t matter if we love to explore our sexuality or that you just aren’t up to our standards that you deem too high. Word of advice, you probably weren’t even close to what we are looking for. We don’t have to settle to appease you. Which brings us to another point being addressed in the show, settling for less.

We may get to the point in our lives where we just don’t want to be single anymore or you just want to change things up and you might end up settling for less. I unfortunately fell into this category. Things started off fine, but they just kept getting drastically worse and I didn’t see it going up again. Everyone else could see it, but me or I did, but didn’t want to acknowledge it. When you see there is no end game or that who you’re with aren’t anywhere close to your standards, why do we continue to stay? Is it because we have gotten so comfortable that this is all we know? Is it because we feel sorry for them? I know I have my own opinion on this and everyone is different.

It is nice to see the two main characters have a bond where they can basically tell each other that they are being stupid, in the nicest sisterly way possible. This reminded me of the bond that I currently have with a great group of women. We openly have discussions about sex, our careers, and also when one of us is being downright stupid. (I did get a pass this time, but not again). I love them and I would do anything for them.

If you are able to check out the early preview of insecure, I highly recommend it. It’s also refreshing to see a show like this led by black women on a major cable network. Representation matters and I am very excited for this show. Thank you Issa for creating it.

Oh America…

​It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, since I’m an occasional blogger, but I’m going to put my two cents in about this whole Kaepernick business. We can agree to disagree, but be respectful. Just watched a disturbing video of an innocent black man being unjustly beat and charged for something he didn’t do. Here’s the link for you to see, http://www.mintpressnews.com/dashcam-video-shows-police-lied-to-get-innocent-man-convicted-officers-now-facing-prison-time/211054/ I think this is a year or two old, but this is that BS of why Kaepernick is protesting the anthem. This man almost lost 5 years of his life, or worse, he could have been unjustly killed. We aren’t making this shit up about police brutality and how some of the “officers” who swore to protect and serve are abusing their power and making us fearful to engage with them. Yes, all police aren’t bad, but when you have way too many bad ones that we keep seeing popping up and that get away with things like it’s nothing, it’s a problem. You can’t tell me Freddie Grey broke his own spine in police custody and then all 6 officers got off like it was nothing. You also can’t tell me police had to kill the unarmed person of color because they were “resisting arrest” or they felt “threatened,” but yet have no deesculating a situation with a white person who actually does resist arrest or has a gun pointed at them. They seem to always get to live to see another day.

Also, do not bring up, “oh what about black on black crime.” One, we do protest black on black crime, you just don’t see or hear about it in the media. Secondly, what about white on white crime? Can white prople do no wromg? Apparently not. Hell, we here more about serial killers who are white than anything else. What about that? The police brutality and black on black crime don’t correlate because one group swore to protect and serve everyone and one group didn’t. Not sure why people think we made this up over night. Police brutality has been happening for years, but I guess some people forget that in our history because it didn’t directly affect that, *cough* civil rights era. Not to mention, did you forget about Rodney King and how he was beat by several officers and was taped by a dash cam and all the officers got off, which sparked the LA riots? Also the whole white people get killed more than blacks is true, but not true. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in another post, but blacks make up about 13% of the population while white people make up a significantly larger percentage. When you put the number of people by racial group killed by police, black people are killed at a rate of 40%, which is wsy higher than what we make up in this country. See how thats a problem? Seriously, this whole conversation is getting old and tired and it’s pretty fucked up that we have to continue to have this conversation about how not everyone gets treated equal in this country. 

Now to this whole national anthem business with Kaepernick. Actually, let’s take a step back to the Olympics. Mofos, particularly butt hurt white people, we’re furious when Gabby Douglass didn’t put her hand over her heart and they dragged her. One, I never put my hand over my heart for the anthem. I only did that for the pledge of allegiance when I was in elementary school. Secondly, why is it that she was getting dragged for it, but nobody was up in arms when Mr. Oompa Loompa himself didn’t put his hand over his heart during the Republican debate. Guess it must be nice being a straight, white man in America right. This same Oompa Loompa called America not being great and people cheered. Yet when Kaepernick says it and uses his platform, everyone lost his shit and he was even getting called “nigger.” Thanks America for showing your true fucking colors.

This whole, “oh he doesn’t have respect for the military.” First off, please have several seats. That “flag” that is supposed to represent freedom and equality is a bunch of BS. Once again the Oompa Loompa is being used as an example, but he can sit there and say ban all Muslims from this country, what about the ones who are actually in the military protecting this country? The military is fighting for our rights to be able to protect like Kaepernick did because it’s our first amendment right to do so. I guess you can only use your right to protest or even bare arms, which is our second amendment right, if you’re a straight, white man. Let’s face it, when a person of color acts on their rights, it’s a fucking problem and we just can’t seem to win.

Back to the military. I have the upmost respect for the military and I’m sure Kaepernick does too. I have family who served in the military and I love them to pieces, but why try to justify the symbol of the flag for a group of people who this country doesn’t even support when they come home from defending it? Now some people from the military are able to adjust back into society just fine, but it’s those that are disabled seem to be left out. I’ll say it again, the military fought for Kaepernick and anyone else who protests the anthem right to do so. They aren’t breaking any laws. They didn’t deface the flag or kill anyone, they just sat down. When this country cuts military benefits for vets, turns them away from VA hospitals, makes you wonder why we have a high rate among suicide for veterans and even homelessness. How about instead of you being a fucking Internet troll, you go out and actually do something for a vet. What I like about my job, we actually do small random acts of kindness for vets if we can, thanks to my friend who put this together. This whole thing also inspired me to go do massages for veterans once I finish school and get my license to help them have a better quality of life. 

It’s almost like why would I want to be proud of a country that is still trying to oppress people who look like me? Yes, I could be much worse off, but still. When I have to go around life with a huge target on my back, that’s a big problem. I have to go out of my way to still make people feel comfortable and break stereotypes. It’s exhausting having to constantly explain racial equality and double standards of this country. It’s exhausting for me to write all of this. Sorry, not sorry but this blog post was not made to make you feel comfortable. I think I’ve written enough. Going back to bed.

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Today, I got to check out Suicide Squad. For free at that. Thanks T-Mobile. I admit I was very excited to see this movie. I read the comics and was throughly entertained. Then, the reviews came pouring in saying it was really bad. Now from a critics standpoint, they were not impressed. Also, I’m not sure any of them have actually heard about this group of unknowns or have even read the comics. Now a couple of months ago when fans saw an early screening of said it was very good. For me, I like to see things for myself instead of going off other people’s opinions. What they hate, I may actually enjoy. However, after seeing the movie, I give it a C. Here’s why.

Now for action, the movie had a lot of great action. It had some entertaining parts to it that kept you interested. However, action can only do so much. When there isn’t a lot of character development and the plot is a bit lacking, expect an ok film and not a great film. I had high hopes for David Ayer because one, he wrote Training Day, which was a great movie in my opinion and had one of the greatest movie quotes. He did have a lot riding on him with this movie after BvS flopped. Side note, the ultimate version of BvS was so much better. Anyways, a lot was on the line.

One main thing I noticed about this film was that it was trying so hard to mimic the epic success of Guardians of the Galaxy. What worked for Guardians was their choice in music. In Suicide Squad, the music choices seemed all over the place. (I do admit, Purple Lamborghini is quite catchy.) When you are working with material that no one has ever heard with unknown characters, that can get tricky translating to the screen. The characters were interesting, but more development of who they are was needed. The film definitely showcased Harley Quinn a lot. Margot Robbie did have some of Harley’s traits at times, but most of it was her take on the character. I’m still trying to figure out of I liked her take of Harley or not. I did appreciate a certain scene in the movie with Harley and Joker were together and they recreated a well known picture of the two that I’m sure some of you have seen. If you were to Google Harley Quinn and Joker, it would be one of the first pictures. 

Speaking of Joker, Jared Leto’s take was…interesting. He played off more like a drug lord and he didn’t have much screen time for me to really judge his take on the Clown Prince of Crime. He was mostly in flashbacks from Harley’s brief back story and a couple of times in the present. Will Smith didn’t come off as a bad guy to me. He was borderline almost crossing over into his Mike Lowery persona. Jay Hernandez was on point with El Diablo. Killer Croc was pretty much a stereotypical black man, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang seemed very natural, especially since he is actually Australian. Katana wasn’t bad, Enchantress was quite interesting, and Slipknot was a waste of screen time. I feel really bad for Adam Beach, but his character was pointless. Then again, that whole situation reminded me of one of the beginning scenes from Batman: Assault on Arkham and a point had to be made. Viola Davis absolutely killed it as the ruthless, won’t take your shit Amanda Waller. Nobody else could have played that role any better.

As I said, the movie had some things going for it, but improvements need to be made to make it more successful. Also, they should have made the movie longer. That way, more could have been added to give it a more solid plot line. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. This is just merely my own opinion. There are others who would probably disagree with me and rate it an A movie. I feel the studio should watch all of the DC animated features and take notes on how almost every single one is always successful. They use the time given and focus on the important parts and don’t over do things for the sake of trying to make it look good, i.e. the psychedelic filtering at the beginning of the movie. DC live action films still need some work and hopefully next summer we will see major blockbusters. At least they did tie in this movie into the next upcoming feature. I also feel they played it safe with this movie. The comic itself is actually more violent. Go big or go home. Rated R is in now. Use it to your advantage. 

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Leave comments and let me know what you thought of you have seen the movie.

Short Review: Batman: The Killing Joke

maxresdefaultLast night, I saw the screening of Batman: The Killing Joke, based from the controversial graphic novel. I was very excited to see this come to life, especially since Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprised their roles of Batman and Joker. I do have a confession. For a long time, I did not know that Mark Hamill voiced the Joker and I watched the animated series faithfully. Shame on me for that. Anyways, I was excited to see the movie. I do admit, I did become skeptical after hearing some unfortunate changes that occurred and had to see for myself.

The first 25-30 minutes of the movie focused on Batgirl and her being a crime fighter. Long story short, the storyline that the director and animators created seemed really out of place.  The tone of her storyline did not match the overall tone of the Killing Joke itself. As a friend of mine put it, it felt like we were watching an episode of the animated series and then the Killing Joke. The animation did have a feel of the animated series, which I liked. Barbara just seemed like a lost puppy onscreen in her storyline and the bad guy she was up against was very blah. The whole Batman/Batgirl affair seemed really out of place and very forced. They really could have done without making the extra scenes for the movie.

When we got to the actual source material, it played out almost exactly as you have read in the graphic novel. Hearing the original voice actors from the animated series made the movie even better. Had the team done a better job of integrating the added additions, there would have been more appreciation for the source material. Of course, all Joker wanted to do was show everyone that it took one event to have a bad day and drive a person insane. It does make you wonder, what could cause a person to have a very bad day that could drive them mad? Let’s hope none of us ever get to that point. I could dive more into the controversy with this graphic novel, but it’s getting late and I’m tired of writing. Just Google other articles online about the movie.


It’s Called Google, Use it.

This year, I would say, has been a complete shit show. The last few weeks have been a shit show. Today, I actually did something that I usually don’t do on social media, educate someone. When I see someone make a post on another person’s page and it causes me to think “what the hell?,”I really want to make a comment. I back down though because I don’t feel like getting into a heated debate. Today was a different story. Better yet, it started from yesterday.

To make a long story short, a video of black protesters (thought to be Black Lives Matter protesters, but who really knows) were blocking people from walking on a sidewalk. The comment that was made went along the lives of “why are you more important than other?” I then explained what Black Lives Matter is supposed to represent and how there are racial inequalities in this country. I also had to explain that Black Lives Matter is not saying that everyone else’s lives don’t matter, but that ours matter too. I was being respectful and just educated them on what’s going on that they may not see because of their privilege.

Today, she had a friend post something that is getting extremely played out now “All Lives Matter.” Here is what I said in response to her friend’s post:



I just checked my Facebook and it looks like I have been blocked by this woman who I used to work with. The funny thing is, not too long ago, I wrote a post of how I feared for my life living in this country after the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This very same person wrote on my status expressing that she was sorry that I had to go through this. At first, I thought she got it. Apparently not if you decide to block me instead of engaging me in a peaceful conversation. We will have disagreements, but I will still respect your stances and you as a person. Now if you get really ignorant and off the wall with me, I’ll cut your ass off real quick and not shed a tear about it.

Saying “All Lives Matter” us very problematic and it takes away from the underlying issue of why the “Black Lives Matter” movement exists. This is how dumb you sound when you say it: 13724838_1116136428446399_7714996147867833051_o

Oh, you’re exhausted from hearing “Black Lives Matter” every time something big like oh the unarmed killing of black people or racial injustice that affects our community? News flash, we are fucking exhausted with having to go through this shit every day of our lives. Not too long ago, we were fighting the same exact fight 50+ years ago. That is not that long. All we are missing now is getting hosed by police officers. When you have these idiot reporters and politicians trying to condemn “Black Lives Matter” and trying to call them a hate group, it’s a problem. Someone went as far to say that BLM was the new KKK. Are you fucking kidding me? When have you seen black people go lynch a white person for the hell of it? When have you seen a white person get their ass whooped by black people to the point of death for whistling at a black woman? When have you seen a black person put a burning cross in someone’s front yard and then try to pass themselves as a Christian organization.

How about you wake the fuck up and stop listening to the bullshit that you are seeing on the news. The news fabricates things in their favor and they could give two shits about the people that they hurt when they say spiteful things about individuals they know nothing about. You have these assholes at the RNC who are congratulating the officers for not being charged in the death of Freddie Grey. Where the fuck is “All Lives Matter” people with that one? Hell, we just got told that we basically didn’t contribute shit to this country. Oh, so we forgot that we invented peanut butter, all your hair products, even those traffic lights that keep your dumb asses safe on the roads. I am really getting sick and tired of this fucking country right now and I will gladly take my ass back to Africa…as soon as I figure out which country I’m from and have the means to do so.

I am also really sick and tired of fuckers who know nothing about what it means to be black in America are trying to tell us how we need to act? If you cannot relate to what we go through on a daily basis, please have several fucking seats. We are exhausted from having to constantly tell your ass what the deal is and yet, some of you refuse to listen. On top of that, now another unarmed black man was just shot and thankfully, he isn’t dead. The justification for him being shot was complete bullshit. I’m really over this shit right now. Seriously, how about you stop watching the damn news, and look up things for yourself. Some of ya’ll are treating it like its a church sermon and are just eating it up and not even questioning it. You do know that there is something called Google, right? How about you use it and educate yourself, cause we are really tired of doing it for you. I hate when people talk about issues that they know nothing about, but get mad when you call them out on it.

Ok, I’m done with my rant. I’m going back to watching the first season of Gotham. (Yes I know that I am way behind and I am ashamed of myself.)

PS-Apologies for the excessive use of language…actually fuck that, no I’m not. This is how I feel and there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, be respectful if you make a comment. If this does not apply to you, then you have no worries. However, if you do happen to say something off the wall, that tells a lot about who you are and what you stand for.

Ok, I’m really done this time.

I Want to Catch ‘Em All, So What.


Ok. I had to put my two cents in about the new app sensation that is Pokémon Go. (As I write this, I have the original Pokémon series playing in the background. Also, I go to work later today, so no worries.) Those of us who were really into the show and collected cards, I think this app is the greatest thing ever. We get to relive a part of our childhood. Who wouldn’t want that.  However, I have seen so many memes that diss people who play the app. Can people enjoy themselves? Why must you be a hater?

Just because we are grown and play this game, doesn’t mean that we are 10 years old. A lot of us are working full time jobs and are still able to play the app. I’m not seeing anyone getting bashed for still playing Playstation or Xbox. It also does not mean that we are oblivious to what’s going on in the world. I am getting really sick and tired of people, mind you who have never watched Pokémon a day in their life or have played the app, are trying to speak for everyone and making these false claims. If a person never payed attention to their surroundings before this app came out, that’s their problem and that may not change. However, those of us who are aware need something good in our lives instead of always posting about the bad things that are happening everyday. Yes, it is ok to want to get away from news about the shootings of unarmed black men and the police, as well as the joke known as Donald Trump. Hell we need to keep our sanity and have peace of mind. I see Pokémon Go as my own self-care.

Then there’s this whole thing about, “oh, Pokémon Go is dangerous.” First off, just stop. It’s called having common sense, which a lot of people lack. There was the incident with the 15 year old girl who got hit by a car trying to cross the interstate and the whole thing in Central Park where people were losing their minds. There have also been muggings and stabbings because of the app. Here’s the thing. When you first open the app, you see this:first-pokemon-go-gameplay-details-and-screenshots-leaked-from-japanese-field-testing-911677

The app clearly tells you to be aware of your surroundings. If you are strictly looking for Pokémon, you don’t need to look down at your phone. Your phone vibrates when a Pokémon is nearby. You only need to look if you are looking for Pokéstops if you want to collect items. Anyways, back to my main point. Common sense is key when using this app. One of the main rules of course is to be aware of your surrounding as stated. When a person decides to go searching Pokémon after midnight and alone, they automatically are putting themselves at risk, which is their choice. The game does not force anyone to do anything. The choice is yours whether or not of you want to risk trespassing somewhere or go late into the night.

Pokémon Go does have benefits. It is a great way to workout and explore areas that you had no idea that existed. I would say I walked for about a good 2-3 hours this past Sunday searching for Pokémon. Now, who can say that working out is a bad thing. Pokémon Go also allows people from different walks of life to bond over a shared love. This weekend, I’ll be attending a Pokémon Go event at Tempe Town Lake to meet new people. I wouldn’t mind meeting someone new out here, especially since the only people I know are the people I work with, but I did make a great friend from there. I have watched videos that show how Pokémon Go has helped children in hospitals to feel like kids again and not someone who is sick. I’ve read about how Pokémon Go has helped an autistic child interact with others for the first time.

This app is great in my opinion and people really should stop knocking it until they try it for themselves. Better yet, just allow people to live their lives and stop trying to take that away from them. Just because you don’t want to play, doesn’t mean that we have to stop playing. To all you Pokémon trainers, get out there and catch ’em all, stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.



Lights Out: Early Screening Short Review

Hello all. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I was able to see an early screening of the horror movie, Lights Out. The movie doesn’t even come out until next Friday. What made the deal even sweeter, my friend won the tickets for free. The nice thing about early screenings is that you pretty much get straight to the movie. We only had to sit through two previews and the movie started soon after.

James Wan is attached to the project and I do like James Wan movies, i.e. Saw and The Conjuring. The movie itself was only an hour and twenty one minutes. Like all horror movies, the opening scene leads into what you should expect from a horror movie, death. The fact that the movie is so short, it jumps right into the horror. There was no “Oh, we’ll have one horror scene at the beginning and then you guys wait until 45 minutes later for anything else to happen.”

The movie also did not rely heavily on the gore factor. It did make me jump a bit and I did have an “Oh shit moment.” The movie also had some comical elements and it didn’t take itself too seriously. I admit, I did kind of guess what would happen in the end, but it still didn’t take away from my experience with the movie. Overall, it was a pretty decent horror flick. If you enjoyed The Conjuring, I think you will enjoy this movie.


Parting the Red Sea (Look away if you’re a man, unless you’re curious/into this womanly business)

After seeing videos and posts about how tampons and pads are not healthy for women because of the chemical used in them, I decided I wanted to go an alternative route when dealing with the dreaded red sea and being Moses for these next 5-7 days. The first alternative that I am trying, and currently using, is the Athena Menstrual Cup. It’s less than $20 bucks on Amazon and it had very good reviews for it. I figured, “why not, it wouldn’t hurt to try.” Here’s a brief rundown of my first experience dealing with the cup.

I knew that I was starting my period some time this week, but wasn’t sure of the day because my period has ben acting a little weird lately. Of course while I was doing Insanity pure cardio this morning, I was cramping something crazy and knew it was that time. Luckily, I had the cup and decided I would give it a go. First off, the cup was a lot smaller than I had anticipated. Now a word of advice when using this cup, make sure when you insert and remove the cup that you are in your own bathroom. This will not work in pubic so well, especially the cleaning part.

I felt like I was using a tampon for the first time. I cannot tell you how many attempts I tried to make inserting this cup. I read the instructions, and I even watched a Youtube video. I could not get it to go in properly. You’re supposed to pinch the cup at the top and fold in half to make a “U” shape. What they don’t tell you and what I found out myself is that you need to have the “U” turned upside down so that you can insert it easier. Once the cup is in, it’s really in there.

I did have a super freak out moment. The stem on the cup is very small and I thought it would act just like a tampon and hang outside of the opening of your vagina. WRONG!!! Your vagina swallows that shit whole. The best way I can describe it for my fellow geeks out there is when on Attack on Titan when Eren was swallowed by the titan. That’s exactly what happened with this cup. I thought I lost the cup inside forever and had a hard time getting it back out to make sure that I could later once I began to flow more. I literally got on my bathroom floor to try and pry this cup out. I remember reading a review from Amazon about the cup and how the woman had to have her boyfriend help her get the cup out of her vagina. Not today Satan.

The best way to remove the cup is you have to hover/sit on a toilet and use those vaginal muscles and push that sucker out. The clean up wasn’t too bad. Just dump the blood in the toilet and use toilet paper to clean the outside. You will have to multitask of course. For clean up, it says not to use scented soaps since they can cause damage to the silicon. I actually used my cleaner I use for my sex toys to clean the cup (don’t act like you don’t have at least one toy on hand). It worked just fine for cleanup. I am happy to say that the 2nd time of inserting the cup was so much easier. Let’s just see how it holds up at night.


P.S.-I do plan on trying those Thinx panties and will write about that experience when the time comes. 20160712_073550



Hello there my fellow weird people!

Ok. I wanted to start a blog, well, to start a blog. I’ve never considered myself much of a writer, but hey I figured what the hell. I have this blog to share with you all my life’s adventures and share my comments on things going on in the world. Since I know that anyone can see this, I will be on my best behavior, for the most part. I WILL NOT have hate speech on here and I would like the same in return if you happen to comment on any of my posts. If you relate to something, that’s great. If not, that’s ok too. Hope you enjoy reading.